limerick challenge #21

purple unicorn
My last post was on a heart-wrenching subject so I felt in need of something lighthearted… time for another limerick challenge! This time I wrote about a unicorn. My sons provided the inspiration and illustrations as always. The black-winged, purple unicorn is by my five-year old and the distinctly dragon-y one below was carefully drawn by his big brother (aged seven).

As usual, please forgive bad rhymes and general ridiculousness!


There once was a job-seeking unicorn

Who filled in a flight-staff recruitment form

But aeroplane seats

Don’t fit mythical beasts

And the poor thing looked daft in the uniform!


Unicorn uncomfortably wedged into an orange and blue uniform

Unicorn uncomfortably wedged into an orange and blue uniform (I think he’s decided not to board the flight)

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16 thoughts on “limerick challenge #21

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks Carol – a particularly ridiculous limerick I thought, but hang on, they’re all ridiculous really aren’t they?! Thanks for hosting #www

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks Victoria! That’s been suggested to me a few times now – am really starting to wonder if I should do it! Thanks for hosting xx


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