limerick challenge #20

Over the last year I’ve written masses of limericks. It started one December morning with a limerick I wrote about my son’s imaginary grasshopper and evolved into a ‘limerick challenge’ where I wrote (for a while, weekly) limericks on a subject of both my sons’ choosing and they provided the illustrations. But I got so hooked on limericks I wrote more and more. Some were even published a few months ago in an anthology by IRON press.

I’ve now reached my twentieth limerick challenge and to mark the occasion I decided to do something a bit different. Instead of taking inspiration from my kids, I asked  Chrissie from Muddled Manuscript to provide a subject for my latest rhyme. She chose a tricky one for me so I figured it was only fair she provided the illustration. So, without further ado, here’s a platypus limerick, artfully illustrated, of course!


A young, insecure duck-billed platypus

Believed she was more of a ‘fatty-pus’

Said her friends “Don’t be dim,

Your shape helps you swim!

Besides which, we think you are fabulous!”


Hope you like it!

If anyone else would like to take up the limerick challenge just supply me with a theme. You will, however, also need to provide an illustration. Otherwise it’s cheating. Hehe.

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11 thoughts on “limerick challenge #20

      1. Maddy Post author

        Interesting idea! I did have a thought about doing an A-Z of limericks a while back and then realised, despite masses of limericks, I was lacking most letters. I’m pondering now though.. Thanks for commenting Reneé (and Carol)

  1. Chrissie Metcalf (Kristina)

    Love the use of fabulous to rhyme with platypus. Also love the sentiment in this limerick. (purposefully not mentioning the “artwork”) x

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