limerick challenge #2

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a crocodile surveying his freezer-food options

For this week’s limerick challenge my sons wanted me to write about a crocodile. I asked them if they could think up any rhymes and they came up with ‘flopodile’ and ‘pocodile’… so I moved swiftly over to my husband who suggested our croc find himself in the ‘dock on trial’. Although this was quite promising, the boys preferred the idea of the crocodile being in the supermarket. Right then.

After much flinging aside of ridiculous/wonderful rhymes (‘run a mile’, ‘mocking smile’ to name but a couple) we eventually came up with this:


There once was a crafty young crocodile

who’d sneak into Asda and wait a while

he’d lurk by the celery

devour people merrily

then, sated, would head to the pudding aisle.


Not a single mention of bottoms this week – the boys were a bit disappointed! They did draw me some lovely pictures of crocodiles to add to this post though. And they wrote about it all for our happy memories jar too!


a less murderous crocodile pushing his trolley round ASDA

a less murderous croc pushing his trolley round Asda


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