limerick challenge #16

A couple of days ago the boys asked me to write a limerick about a chameleon. This is what I came up with (please forgive the dodgy rhymes, ‘chameleon’ is a tough one!):


I once met a sporty chameleon

Who boasted: “You know, I can REALLY run!

I’d beat you hands down

In a race round this town

With my powerful legs and my steely bum!”


boastful chameleon on confused by failure.

boastful chameleon confused by failure.


My just-turned-seven-year-old drew the picture above to go with it. When I asked why the chameleon was losing (I assumed he would win the race) he said “Because he’s a show-off and show-off’s never win. Even when they win they really lose because they’re showing off and no one likes that.”

I rather like this idea- that winning is more than just coming first; if no one is happy for you or likes you then you ultimately lose. But because it was breakfast time and I couldn’t really get my head round the philosophical standpoint, I decided to write another limerick to tell the rest of the tale and make sure that Mr Boastful Chameleon got his just desserts in a straightforward way:


So the show-off and I had a race

“I’ll win!” he said “I’ll get first place!”

But three steps from the line

Success became mine

When he tripped and fell flat on his face!


This is the first time I’ve written limericks that follow on from each other. Maybe I could write a story in limerick form at some point? Or would that be mad? I suspect my sons would love it though!

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6 thoughts on “limerick challenge #16

  1. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    Your son is like a genius and so sensitive with emotions. No one wants a show off ever =) #pocolo


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