limerick challenge #15

Zebra (carrying baby zebra)

Zebra (carrying baby zebra)

It’s been nearly a month since my last limerick challenge! How did that happen?!

Today’s limerick has actually been brewing for a long time since the boys first asked me to write one about a zebra about three months ago. But what on earth rhymes with zebra? Deborah and then, well, pretty much nothing (although I discovered ’cause celebre’ via an online search). I just couldn’t make it work.

Then the other day I decided that there was no need to rhyme the actual word zebra as long as the limerick was about some of the attributes of a zebra, and so the the following limerick was born:


A tap-dancing zebra named Claire

Gave recitals beyond all compare

For under stage lights

Her contrasting stripes

Made it seem she was only half there!

partially visible zebra dancing on stage

partially visible zebra dancing on stage

As always, the boys illustrated the limerick for me. My 4yo drew the picture at the top. He loves babies so insisted it had to be of a mummy and a baby zebra. My 6yo did the drawing directly above. He’s learning about pointillism in school and decided a half-visible zebra was the perfect subject matter for a picture made entirely of dots!

I’ll try not to leave a month between limericks next time!

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