limerick challenge #14

Possibly the worlds fattest kitten

A very fat kitten wearing an amazing hat.

I’ve been really focused on writing my novel recently but I felt like it was time for a little break and a Limerick Challenge. My sons were undecided as to whether to choose ‘a kitten’ as a subject for a limerick or ‘Yoda’. So I gave them both, thus earning myself some (sorely-needed) mum points! Here’s my limerick:


There once was a starstruck young kitten

Who with Yoda from Star Wars was smitten

“He’s gorgeous!” she said

“With his hairy, green head.”

By the love bug she’d surely been bitten!


Kitten proposing to Yoda. Thankfully he accepts!

As always, the boys illustrated the limerick. Having seen these drawings, I’m not entirely sure they know what a kitten looks like but I do like the marriage proposal!

4 thoughts on “limerick challenge #14

  1. Nortonmum

    You should think of having a ‘limerick challenge linky’ if you had the time. It would be great fun. : )

    1. maddy @writingbubble

      Thanks – I like that idea but I’m not sure I would get enough linkers cos it’s so specific! Will bear it in mind though because it would be fun to read other people’s limericks!


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