limerick challenge #12

So here we are, a mere six days from my decision not to take part in any blog hops at all for a whole month and I’m already linking up with Prose for Thought!

This really is the last time (for a month) though. The thing is, having accidentally forgotten to do my weekly limerick challenge on Monday – leading to my decision to switch to doing that on an ad hoc basis – the boys suddenly got really keen for me to write one. They spent a couple of days flinging suggestions at me: ‘a kitten!’, ‘a rhino!’, ‘an armadillo!’ ’till my brain finally stopped spinning and I wrote a couple.

Since I’ve written them and it’s a Thursday (and I love #Prose4T) I figured I will linkup. But that is IT. No more blog-hopping in May. I need to dedicate more time to creative writing and less time to blogging if I’m ever going to get anywhere with the humungous task of writing a book.

Anyway, enough preamble. Two baboon limericks. Illustrations by my boys as usual:


There was an unlucky baboon

With a bum like a shrivelled balloon

Sometimes he would hate it

Till he learned to inflate it

And bounced spacehopper-style round the room


bouncing baboon with baby bouncing baboon (my 4yo loves babies!)

bouncing baboon (with baby bouncing baboon!)


A young and ambitious baboon

Built a rocket to fly to the moon

But he had no knowledge

Of engine hydraulics

And thus the whole project was doom(ed)


Baboon with his (rather fetching ) pink rocket.

Baboon with his (rather fetching ) pink rocket.


Prose for Thought

11 thoughts on “limerick challenge #12

  1. Jenny

    Love it. Glad you still linked up to Prose 4T it’s a great linky. Good luck on your book. It’s a great feeling to finish a book. I loved it but it did take so much time getting there. lol Go you!!! #prose4t

  2. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    Excellent use of artistic license with doom(ed) there! :) Good luck with the sensible writing, these are fab :)

  3. Emily Page

    Lovely! Your boys’ drawings are just adorable. Glad you decided to hook up to #Prose4T after all and looking forward to your return in June x


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