limerick challenge #11



For this week’s limerick challenge my sons asked me to write about a kangaroo. I actually wrote two limericks and will admit that the one below wasn’t their favourite, but I decided that one was just too gross to publish! We settled on one which is a compromise between their desire for something disgusting and my desire for something… else.

Both the pictures are by my six-year-old this week. His little brother was keen to illustrate the final line but he seems to have a growing perfectionist streak and threw his drawings away because they kept ‘going wrong’! Anyway, here’s our limerick:

An adventurous chef kangaroo

Concocted a new type of stew

Full of all odds and ends

Which she fed to her friends…

Who then spent all night long on the loo.

kangeroo cooking a stew (with a joey in her pouch)

kangaroo cooking a stew (with a joey in her pouch)

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