legoland limerick

view of mini land from the Sky Rider

View of Miniland from the Sky Rider

Yes, we went to LEGOLAND! This isn’t remotely a sponsored post (ha, I wish!) I just wanted to write about it because we really did have a great time.

We went for two days (over my son’s fifth birthday) and stayed overnight in the Legoland hotel which was amazing. Expensive but worth it. We had a pirate-themed room which was plush enough to keep us parents happy, and fun enough to totally capture the boys’ imagination. There was Lego art on the walls, a pirate bunk bed, a treasure trail across the carpet which led to a safe that the boys had to unlock (to reveal lego gifts inside), and a big box of lego to play with. The kids even had their own section of the room with a TV tuned to the lego channel! Awesome.

The park was great too. We had a Q-Bot which meant we could jump the queues (you still have to wait after you’ve chosen your ride but just not in the queue which makes a massive difference especially when you have an eighteen- month-old in tow!) and we managed to go on twenty-one rides! The boys LOVED it and although the park was crowded and we were knackered with walking and sleep deprivation (thanks to the baby) we kind of fed off their excitement and had a great time too.

My five-year-old said it was ‘the best birthday ever!’ so obviously I had to write a limerick about it:

For our five-year-old’s birthday we planned
A trip to the great Legoland
We all had such fun
(Three kids, Dad and Mum)
That our real, brick-free life seems quite bland!


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17 thoughts on “legoland limerick

  1. Mummy Tries

    Sounds like a fab trip hon, so pleased your 5yo enjoyed his birthday pressie. We’ve just arranged to go with friends next month :-) awesome limerick as always! Really excited about your writing linky xxx

  2. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    It sounds like you had an awesome time! I’ve been to Legoland a few times but the hotel sounds wonderful :) Fab limerick – sums it up perfectly! Thanks for linking to #Prose4T :) Please tweet me when your new linky goes live – I am terrible at remembering! x

  3. Iona@redpeffer

    It must have been fun to have inspired the limerick-what a lovely birthday treat. I have two children here who would absolutely love to go-think I need to try to organise something.
    Like the sound of the new writing linky too-my youngest starts nursery this week and I’, trying to organise a schedule so that I can continue with all my writing-both freelance and creative. This might help me with that :)
    And thanks too for your comments about my story-am looking forward to cracking on with the next revision and getting it ready to submit ‘gulp’!

  4. Maddy Post author

    Oh yes try and organise a trip! And we’d loved you to join in the linky – hopefully it will help all of us be organised and productive. Looking forward to reading more about your story. x

  5. Yvette

    Fab limerick! And it sounds like such a brilliant break, I am looking forward to our son being old enough to enjoy it – good excuse for us to act like kids again hey! #Prose4T

  6. Siobhan @ Everyone Else is Normal

    Lovely Little Limerick! Whenever I try to make those up I never succeed – even with the kids’ help! I always end up repeating the funny, slightly naughty ones my granny used to recite! Glad you liked Legoland. It nearly killed me and I vow never to go again until I’m younger….;-)

    1. Maddy Post author

      It certainly is exhausting! On a hot day it could have been overwhelming but it was warm and mostly overcast which was perfect! Thank Siobhan

  7. Louise

    Love this limerick – we love Legoland too – getting to go on 21 rides is very impressive and so glad your boys enjoyed their trip there :-)

    1. Maddy Post author

      To be fair, some of the ‘rides’ were just playing in a playground or splashing in water – but Legoland called them ‘rides’ so we added them to our list. Glad you’ve enjoyed Legoland. Thanks for commenting Louise

  8. Wicked World of Lucas

    Great limerick. We love LEGOLAND and know exactly what you mean. Lucas is distinctly unsatisfied with our house since he visited!!! #prose4t

  9. Chrissie Metcalf (Kristina)

    I know you had great fun! Life doesn’t have to be brick-free – that sounds a bit mundane. What will you tread on in the middle of the night without Lego? x


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