it’s a spring thing

yellow flowersDo you find your creativity fluctuates with the seasons? We’ve had gorgeous weather here in Northumberland these past few days and, in response, I’ve felt a tug from the creative part of my brain the likes of which I haven’t felt in months. An awakening, a stretching and an unfurling of sorts. A throwing aside of winter wrappings.

Sitting in the garden this weekend, bathed in the sun’s rays, stories suddenly started running through my head. Well, story fragments at least – they need building on before they become fully-fledged ideas but still…stories, poetry and creative words have alluded me for months. It’s good to feel they might be on their way back.

Of course, I haven’t had an entirely creativity-free winter: far from it. I’ve been focussing a lot on my illustration course and on some very exciting commissions… but even those, under the weight of winter, felt a bit of a slog. No, not a slog – I love drawing – but sunshine, bursting buds and birdsong (oooh, right now I can even hear a wood pigeon!) just make things feel lighter don’t they? The fun stuff feels more fun and the hard stuff feels more achievable.

I’m going to go off into the sunshine with my sketch pad now. I’ll blog again soon, though. I thought I might share some of my drawings here. Some work from my course, perhaps, and from another project I’m working on.

In fact, tell you what, I’ll leave you with an illustration that was part of my last assignment. It’s a very old limerick by an unknown author. I originally drew ‘Nan’ as a rather traditional, long-skirted figure running across Nantucket, then I thought, nah – if you’re going to steal a bucket of cash on an island you’d definitely escape on a jet ski!nantucket limerick illustration

6 thoughts on “it’s a spring thing

  1. Renee Davis

    I can wholeheartedly relate Maddy. Winter started early last year, and lasted way too long. Combine this with shocking world events and it doesn’t do much for creativity! Spring definitely signifies moving forward and cracking on to me… love your assignment, but what a naughty daughter. Tut tut ;-) xx
    Renee Davis recently posted…Does Your Child Think Rape is Funny?My Profile

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks, Reneé. Yes, this winter has gone on waaaaay too long! Here’s to sunshine, positive world events (hmmm, maybe if we close our eyes and wish really hard?) and lots of creativity! xxx
      Maddy recently posted…it’s a spring thingMy Profile

  2. Susan Mann

    Oh hon I can relate to this. I am so fed up of the weather and this winter. I have made some changes for the spring in my creative side and hoping this will help give me a new lease of life. I love this post and your assignment is fab xx

  3. Sara | mumturnedmom

    Yes! No signs of spring here yet and I am so ready for it this year! As Renee says, it’s been a long winter (seasonaly and metaphorically!). I’m sitting in the car ready to pick the kids up from school and the rain is beating down, really doesn’t do much for motivation or creativity! Look forward to seeing more of your illilustrations and love the one you’ve shared here :)
    Sara | mumturnedmom recently posted…Reflections: Week 12My Profile


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