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So, the baby has decided to celebrate the milestone of his first birthday by returning to sleeping like a newborn. Possibly even worse than one.

He had his jabs last week (a nasty triple-whammy of MMR, Meningitis and some other nasty virus) and he’s got a cold AND he’s teething so perhaps terrible sleep is to be expected but urgh. And bleurgh. I am crap with sleep deprivation. I am not one of those sunny ‘ah well, never mind, he’s only a baby’ types. I sulk and moan. I’m a grump.

But anyway, I digress… in the dark hours of the long, arduous night last night, I wrote this poem. I can’t pretend it’s the best thing I’ve ever written, although frankly, even if it was, I wouldn’t know as I’ve lost all… you know… what ever that stuff is that makes you able to understand and judge things…

Here it is (and I think you can tell I was fed up of it being night!):


The darkest hour


Molten moonlight drips

through silhouettes of trees.

Dazzled darkness trips

and tumbles to its knees.

Stolen sunlight slips

from fraying bonds and flees,

chasing nightmares out before it,

spreading sunbeams in its wake.


NB – I wrote most of this post on Wednesday evening and posted it on Thursday morning. In between, the baby actually SLEPT and when I woke up I changed a few key words of the poem. I think it works better than it did. Still not sure though.

Linking up with Prose for Thought over at Verily Victoria Vocalises.

Prose for Thought

17 thoughts on “in the night

  1. Wicked World of Lucas

    I think this is lovely and I love your choice of words. Greta poem and glad you got a bit more sleep x #prose4t

  2. Sarah Miles

    I think this gives a strong image both of the night and of the lack of sleep! Loved the first two lines especially. Hope things settle back to normal soon x

  3. Elizabeth - Waiting to blossom

    Oh lovely, I feel your sleep deprivation. I love ‘Molten moonlight drips’ – its perfect. Here’s hoping this is a blip and he will soon be in la la land for a good solid 8 hours xx

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thank you. Yes, the idea behind the poem was to end on a positive note. I don;t think it’s very clear but I kind of had the idea that ‘night time’ was the bad guy who’d stolen the daylight and then the moon came to the daylight’s rescue and dazzled the dark allowing the day to run away and spread light everywhere. i was so sick of endless hours of night when I wrote it!

  4. David / Oddly active

    Sleep deprivation is a killer, isn’t it… I know exactly what you mean about ‘losing all that stuff’ that helps you sort the wheat from the chaff, but that said the creative pebbles you find in the wee hours (whichever side of the night you find yourself awake and for whatever reason) often turn out to be diamonds in the rough. A bit of time and distance and a final polish and MY how they shine! #Prose4T

  5. Helen Braid

    I love ‘dazzled darkness trips and stumbles to it knees’ – that reminds me of the walking in quicksand feeling I have when I have not slept well. Hope the night shift improves soon x


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