if only I had the time…

I’ve just written this not-entirely-serious poem which is borne of the frustration I feel over not having enough time! It’s really not a finished piece but frankly, if I try and perfect it then I won’t have time for the other things I want to do today!


I fantasise about a way

that I could alter time

to slow hours down or speed them up

and hurry through when times were tough

to dawdle on a summers day

make sure there’s always time to play

convert a blink of sleep to minutes

give creativity no limits

make arguments brief and cuddles long

move swiftly when I get things wrong

and never need to wait again

or have to linger when in pain

and always have the time to do

everything that I want to

Yes, the whole world could be mine

if I had power over time.


If anyone out there has any tips on how to juggle kids and work and family life and everything else then feel free to share!

And a particular question to anyone who writes and blogs – how do you have time for both? I’m sort of, kind of trying to write a book but, well, I never seem to be able to find the time!

I’m linking this up with the very fabulous Prose for Thought over at Verily Victoria Vocalises.

Prose for Thought

12 thoughts on “if only I had the time…

  1. Wicked World of Lucas

    I would love to control time too – once I succeed in building my time machine, you’ll be the first to know. Great poem #prose4t

  2. Stephanie

    Oh me too, me too! Imagine how wonderful it would be. A good reminder that this moment is all we really get.

  3. Maddy Post author

    Thanks Stephanie. I did write an extra bit about how having no control over time is really good for us but it made the whole thing too sensible and I wasn’t really in the mood! But you’re right, this moment is all we get!

  4. David / Oddly active

    Oh dear, oh dear… that writing vs blogging dilemma! I’ve been struggling with that one myself, and have made a NY resolution to do more of the former and less of the latter. Nowt against blogging or bloggers at all, but it’s not really what I intended with my writing but is very VERY distracting, especially when the writing hits a wall.
    As for controlling time – I think if I could do that I would be even worse. I would just keep winding back to my last good night out (or in, iyswim) and replaying it. I think there’s a story about a laboratory mouse and a button wired to the ‘pleasure zone’ of its brain that makes the point more eloquently than I can! #Prose4T etc :)

  5. Maddy Post author

    I agree that blogging is very distracting, but I also find it motivating, particularly Prose for Thought which has a lovely writing community and the desire to join up with it encourages me to actually write and finish and post something every thursday. But then i spend the time I want to spend on writing my book or short stories, on writing (often silly) poetry. It’s a balancing act! Thanks for commenting David.


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