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This week’s prompt over at Mum turned Mom is “I read the news today”. My first thought when I saw it last Sunday – two days after ‘Black Friday’ and the day before ‘Cyber Monday’ – was of all the stories I’d read about frenzied shoppers, and of violence and mayhem breaking out as people desperately fought each other for bargains that they possibly didn’t even really want and certainly didn’t need.

I’m all for grabbing a bargain and I want to buy nice gifts for friends and family this christmas as much as the next person, but it was clear that last weekend consumerism had got out of control.

So I wrote a poem about it. Not a sensible, highly political poem you understand, but a poem nonetheless.


I Want


I want…

Can I have…

Could you quickly get me please

One of those

Two of that,

And then three or four of these?


I want…

All these lovely things

That no one else has got

And of those

That my friends have? –

I’m going to get a lot.


I want…

One in green. No,

In red, no blue, No PINK!

Or perhaps one of each

Would be better

Don’t you think?


I want…

That huge, tall one

And this that’s oh, so small

And a round one,

A flat one,



And when

I’ve got everything

What shall I do? What then?

It’s simple

I’ll go back out

And buy it all again!


17 thoughts on “I want…

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks Dana – yes the real frenzy only really hit over here this year I think, though I think it’s been building for years!

  1. Mummy Tries

    You’ve summed up the madness just perfectly Maddy! It’s a sad sign of modern times that the lure of buying cheap stuff turned folk into animals last week. Pretty grim actually xxx

  2. Sophie Lovett

    Great poem. Reminded me of Dahl’s Veruca Salt :) I was shaking my head in disbelief at the strikes coming out of Black Friday – I swear the rampant consumerism made people less their minds! Xx

      1. Maddy Post author

        Silly auto correct! Yes, it does sound like the sort of thing Veruca Salt would say although I can’t pretend to have Roald Dahl’s writing skills! Thanks Sophie. xx

  3. John Adams

    A good point and well expressed. The title says it all.

    Consumerism has indeed taken over. It’s quite mad the way people react and I just don’t get it. It’s about as far removed from the true meaning of Christmas as you can get so I’m glad you chose this as your subject matter. #theprompt

  4. Louise

    I love the style and the rhythm of this poem and the way you’ve really captured the frenzy of the mad bargain hunting and the mindless consumerism. So well expressed.


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