Harry Potter limerick (limerick challenge #24)

Since we gave him the first Harry Potter book for Christmas, my seven-year-old son has been obsessed with all things ‘Harry’. He’s read the first three books repeatedly (he wants to read the fourth but I keep putting him off because lovely characters are murdered in it!) and seen the first two films, his bedroom wall is covered with the pictures he’s drawn of the characters and synopses he’s written of the books, and he also writes his own Harry Potter stories.

His love of the books has even rubbed off on his five-year-old brother who now also draws masses of Harry Potter pictures too and is valiantly wading through ‘The Philosophers Stone’ himself despite it being at the extreme outer limits of his reading ability.

Harry Potter and Dumbledore

By my five year old – On the left: Harry Potter dancing (above Hogwarts and the Hogwarts Express) and simultaneously kicking Voldemort while dementors fly above. On the right: Dumbledore.

Given all this, it was clear that my ‘Limerick Challenge‘ – where my sons choose a theme, I write a limerick and they illustrate it – was going to venture into Harry Potter territory at some point. This week it has. Here goes:


Harry Potter, a famous young wizard

Cast a spell to make light in a blizzard

But distracted by flakes

He made some mistakes

And turned himself into a lizard!


Harry Potter Lizard

By my 7-year-old: Harry Potter in a blizzard, accidentally transforming himself into a lizard.

In case you’re not acquainted with Harry Potter, a ‘spell to make light’ would be a ‘lumos’ spell. My seven-year-old decided that a lizard spell would be ‘liliros’ so hopefully you can see how, if caught in a swirling snowstorm, Harry might make this mistake.

As usual it’s silly, although it’s not one of my favourites I have to admit – I prefer writing weird ones about animals that talk and fart and try to get jobs on aeroplanes and, y’know, stuff like that- but there you have it. My boys were very pleased with it anyway!

Prose for Thought

14 thoughts on “Harry Potter limerick (limerick challenge #24)

  1. teacuptoria

    I love that you and your boys do this together, it’s such a lovely way to get them interested in poetry. I think it’s nice for them to get involved as it get develop their own talents. I think the limerick is brilliant and the illustration is fantastic! Well done to you all. xx

    1. Maddy Post author

      It’s a fun challenge to do together though this one was a tough one (for me) for some reason! Thanks for hosting, Nicola. xx

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks Lisa – you could give them ago (books rather than films I’d say) you might like them. I read them when they first came out when officially I was too old (early twenties or something I think). xx

  2. Emily Organ

    A great limerick, we’re inbetween Harry Potter obsessions at the moment – my eldest has just moved on from it and my second is probably about to move into it. I love the combination of their drawings and your words, a great idea x

  3. Tracy

    LOL I LOVE this!
    Damian is into Harry Potter now and I will only let him watch the first three films (not got round to the books yet). He is owl obsessed and has a Hedwig so I’m really hoping he’s over his obsession by the time he watches the Deathly Hallows because, well, you know. :(


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