furious bird

I’m doing an illustration course at the moment and as part of that I’ve been drawing every day. This has usually taken the form of a #ShapeChallenge where I’ve used a specific shape posted on Twitter to inspire a drawing.

furious bird

Furious Bird. You can see (my badly executed version of ) the shape that inspired it, at the bottom of the picture.

Sometimes I’ve found that inspiration takes me a step further and the drawing then prompts me to write something. In the case of ‘furious bird’ it was a limerick:

There once was a furious bird
Whose anger was easily stirred
From morning ’till night
He would squark, shout and fight
‘Till he dropped dead of stress (so I heard).

I’m normally one for happy endings but frankly, furious bird kinda had it coming. I didn’t like him very much. I get the feeling he was berating people for not being just like him. (Hmm, it’s possible furious bird has a story beyond the scope of this limerick!)

Feel free to supply an alternative ending if you think furious bird deserves rehabilitation. Perhaps he’s just misunderstood? #savefuriousbird ;)

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20 thoughts on “furious bird

  1. Cara

    I love it, and what an awesome picture. Wish I could draw! I am never going to think of twitter as a benevolent bluebird again.

    1. Maddy Post author

      It hadn’t occurred to me that it looked like the twitter bird! But now it seems like the perfect representation of the angry, judgemental side of twitter. Interesting… Thanks for commenting, Cara. xx
      Maddy recently posted…the zipwire to inspirationMy Profile

  2. teacuptoria

    I think it’s wonderful that you’ve started drawing Maddy. I can see what fun you’re having with it. I rather like Mr Furious bird. The shape challenge is a great way to get drawing, I’m enjoying following your illustrations very much. I’ve also been following your posts about picture books as I’m trying to get one finished at the moment so your tips are so valuable at the moment. Tor xx

    1. Maddy Post author

      Ooh, that sounds really interesting about your picture books Tor – I’d love to hear more! Glad my posts have been useful. Feel free to link up to #whatImWriting with any posts about writing-y stuff. There are lots of lovely talented people in our little writing community. Have always loved you illustrations xx
      Maddy recently posted…for the love of shoesMy Profile

  3. Kirstie

    Brilliant. I assumed it was the Twitter bird too. That is a very suitable ending for a very furious bird. The moral of the story is don’t be such a grumpy bird. Could all learn from that??
    Kirstie recently posted…Head Space InvaderMy Profile


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