frustrated haiku



Inspiration gone:

Eloped with imagination.

Nothing to see here.


Yes, it’s been that kind of week. The kind where even haikus have the wrong number of syllables. *bashes hands onto keyboard in the hope that fingers will type something creative. They don’t.*

Linking my tiny attempt at creativity with Prose For Thought over at Verily Victoria Vocalises.

16 thoughts on “frustrated haiku

  1. Jenny

    Oh I hate that. It truly is frustrating. Sitting watching your fingers not move in hopes your brain will tell them something anything. lol Trying is all that matters and you did just that. #prose4t

    1. Maddy Post author

      The frustrating thing is I can’t make my self focus enough to grasp at any inspiration I might have – It’s all just floating above me, out of reach! But thank you!

  2. Wicked World of Lucas

    I know how you feel; the frustration when you can’t find your muse, however, saying that, you might not think it but this is really good. In just 9 words, you have managed to convey your disappointment and frustration in not being able ti find something to write about. You have a talent hun and it is still shining through – HUGELY!!!! #PROSE4T

    1. Maddy Post author

      I like the idea of it belying itself… like it might disappear in a puff of logic… or something. Thank you Sarah, I appreciate the compliment!

  3. Elizabeth - Waiting to blossom

    Love love love this. Even though you may not feel it your words still flow beautifully. Keep writing and maybe go easy on the bashing of the keyboard ;) xx

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks so much Elizabeth – loving your positivity and support as always! Am feeling a bit less ‘keyboard bashy’ now, so let’s see what tomorrow brings!

  4. Lisa from Lisa's Life

    Maybe not perfect but art isn’t meant to be :) This is still a creative little piece of poetry and more words will come :)

    However, I may be regretting setting myself the challenge of writing a haiku every single day with my 365 photo project!

  5. Emily Page

    Hey it happens. Don’t worry. I get weeks where there’s always something flowing and I can’t type it out fast enough then nada for weeks. Go with the flow hon. I’m sure it’ll be back soon.


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