hoar frost

If it were possible to fall in love with a morning,

then I would choose this morning

and we would run away together and have beautiful frost children

that twinkled wherever they roamed.

This week’s theme for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers is “Nature”.  This is a photo I took last winter on a morning when I really did feel in love with the world. There was blue sky, sunshine and a hoar frost that coated, not just every tree, but every twig of every branch of every tree (and everything else besides) in a beautiful, sparkly coating. I was awestruck and wandered around in a bit of a daze. Nature can be utterly beguiling.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

25 thoughts on “frost

      1. Maddy Post author

        True, David, love does rather pounce on us all! And I’m glad you like the poem although I’m not sure I even realised it was a poem… just a musing that didn’t look right as a single line of prose. Although, I suppose that is kind of what a poem is. You’re making me think this morning!

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks Charly, it was such a beautiful day. If we get another frost like that (they’re surprisingly rare) I’m going to try and take more photos!

  1. Anna And Martha

    Where have you been hiding this talent, maddy? I can’t believe that you’ve been secretly creating amidst everything else going on in your life – and i’m a little bit awe struck! Very impressive.

    Martha says: it is quite good but quite impressive too.

    (she typed that bit herself!)

  2. Maddy Post author

    Impressive typing from Martha! Thanks Anna, I quite like the idea that I’ve been ‘secretly creating’! No need to feel awestruck but I appreciate the compliment! I love writing so much that it finds time for itself amidst everything else. Xxx


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