for the love of shoes

I’ve tried to hit 2016 at a run, creatively speaking, by throwing myself into things and looking for inspiration all over the place. Social media has been immensely useful, particularly Twitter (there are so many creative challenges there! Who’da thunk it? Honestly, not me) and as always, the blogging community has provided me with both ideas and an outlet.

Yesterday I had a look at The Prompt (one of my favourite linkys) and discovered it was the word ‘confusion’. So I figured I’d write a limerick based on that word. I also had a look at my favourite Twitter muse – #ShapeChallenge – to see if could use that as a visual prompt for both the limerick and an illustration for it. It was a double-pronged inspirational approach! I ended up writing and drawing this:

princess shoes limerickThe reason it’s about shoes (although, do I need a reason?) is because the shape (next to my twitter handle in the picture) reminded me of a shoe, and ‘shoes’ kind of rhymes with confused, so I went from there.

Which shoes would you choose? I’m going for the ones that look like ladybirds!

Prose for Thought

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21 thoughts on “for the love of shoes

  1. Chrissie

    I want to tell you how talented you are (again) but I suspect people have already said that so I just hope you believe us ;).
    Do you reckon I could get one of those shoe cupboards from IKEA?
    You make me want to check out the shape challenge as well. Someone should start a sound challenge. (Maybe?)
    Anyway, I’m babbling. Love the post. Love the drawings and so pleased it’s all going well xx
    Chrissie recently posted…Something NewMy Profile

    1. Maddy Post author

      Ooh, ‘sound challenge’ – sounds interesting – so audiofile in tweet and then everyone writes what it makes them think of? You should start it! Thanks for the compliment – I’m kind of up and down with the self belief. Now thinking I have something to work with but there are so many talented people out there I feel like a very, very small fish. Yes I think IKEA would have something. Probably called a hnugg. xx
      Maddy recently posted…for the love of shoesMy Profile

      1. chrissie

        Like the sound of the hnugg.
        We’re all small fish — some of us are just louder than others. Talent is only one part of it; luck and perseverance seem to play big parts too :). x
        chrissie recently posted…Something NewMy Profile


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