five great books I read in 2015

It’s nearly the end of the year and I’ve just been looking back at all the books I’ve read in 2015 (I do the vast majority of my reading on a kindle so it’s easy to keep track). I’ve had my reading ups and downs, both in terms of how many books I’ve read (some months I devour them, others I barely finish one) and how much I’ve enjoyed them, but there are certainly some gems within the pile.reading books

I’m going to share my ten favourites, but I’m too tired and full of mince pies to write them all up now. That would also make a hugely long post so I’ll stick with five now, and five more in a follow up post next week. Right, here goes:

Five great books I read in 2015

1. Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty

A funny, sad, frothy yet deep thriller-of-sorts set around the school gates. There’s been a death at a trivia night (I loved that premise – tragic yet ridiculous) and over the course of the novel we gradually learn the back story until finally finding out who died, how and why.

I totally loved this book – It made me laugh and cry. I thought the author tackled a serious issue with a very light touch making the book hugely readable and relatable while also being thought-provoking. You can read my review to find out more, but read it, go on, do!

2. The Psychopath Test – Jon Ronson

A factual book which sees its author go in search of what means to be a psychopath, the idea being that they’re not all homicidal maniacs but people we may well meet in our daily lives.  Jon Ronson explores the particular attributes they have – many of which make them more likely to succeed in business and achieve positions of authority. Psychopaths may, in fact, rule the world.

This was a really fascinating book and the author makes a funny and engaging guide. Be warned though – after reading you’ll start seeing psychopaths everywhere… you might even be sitting next to one right now!

 3. The Pact – Jodi Picoult

A devastating love story which begins one terrible night when two families – who are neighbours and best friends – are told their teenage children (Chris and Emily) have been rushed to hospital after engaging in an apparent suicide pact. Only Chris has survived. But was it really suicide?

This was the first Jodi Picoult book I’ve ever read and I found it utterly compelling. The book follows survivor Chris through a court case while observing the impact Emily’s death has on both families. It also looks at the past where we see Chris and Emily as childhood friends who grow up to become lovers with good and bad things happening along the way. Gripping from start to finish.

4. The Quality of Silence – Rosamund Lupton

A chilling psychological thriller about a young deaf girl and her mother who, upon hearing that their dad/husband has gone missing in Alaska, set out to find him. The ice road they follow is dangerous, death could be around any corner, and someone is following them in the dark…

I love a good psychological thriller and this ticked all the boxes because despite the building air of dread, the central characters warm the heart. This book managed to be gripping and touching. To find out more, read this blog post.

5. Touch – Claire North

Kepler is a being who, with no body of his/her own, moves between the bodies of others, sometimes occupying them for years, other times for merely seconds. When someone tries to kill Kepler it triggers a decision to seek out who and why, and along the way a much bigger plot is revealed.

I read Claire North’s debut (under that pseudonym anyway) novel – The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August – last year and it blew me away. This follow up thriller didn’t hit quite the heights of that book (basically an impossible task) but was nevertheless a compelling read. It was epic yet personal in just the way the first book was. If you’ve not read Harry August, do, and if you have, then read this too!

That’s it for now – I’m going to put my feet up and watch CSI. Another five recommendations to follow soon!

Happy (nearly) New year!

4 thoughts on “five great books I read in 2015

  1. Mummy Tries

    I say it time and again Maddy, but I’m seriously impressed with the amount of books you get through! I know where to come when I need recommendations :) very happy New Year my lovely, hope that 2016 is awesome xxx
    Mummy Tries recently posted…Reflections on 2015My Profile

  2. Carol Cameleon

    Oh I do like the sound of The Psychopath Test and The Quality of Silence, which is surprising because I don’t usually go for that genre. Perhaps I need to branch out… I’d recommend Stranger or Friend by Silvia Villalobos. I may have to browse the library catalogue next :) Happy new year to you Maddy :)


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