fit for a king

little king


It had been a magnificent banquet: a multitude of textures and tastes had delighted his palate and the drink, as always, had been plentiful. Now, stomach bulging, he sat back and surveyed his kingdom. It was comfortable and familiar and peopled with loyal subjects.

He was fortunate to be surrounded by those who ensured his every need was met and his every whim attended to. For as long as he could remember, his meals had been prepared for him, his clothing washed and his good temper ensured through a range of entertainments. Only that morning he had been delighted by a dazzling performance by the court jesters, which had had everyone laughing uproariously.

Yet, despite the power he seemed to have over them all (sometimes the merest smile would be enough to send them scurrying around him) he knew instinctively that these were not merely his servants. These were people he loved and who loved him back, fiercely and protectively.

A sudden hush descended on the room. He looked at the smiling faces surrounding him, wondering what was about to happen. Then a shimmering object topped by a single flame was placed before him and all around him people began singing.

His mother stepped forward and planted a huge kiss on his forehead. “Happy Birthday, my darling” she said fondly as she blew out the candle on his first birthday cake.


My baby turns one this weekend so I thought I’d try writing another short piece of prose to mark the occasion. I attempted a loving poem but it was unbelievably twee! Happy birthday to my gorgeous boy.


Prose for Thought

15 thoughts on “fit for a king

  1. Elizabeth - Waiting to blossom

    Maddy this is fabulous. I adore how you write and this is no exception. What a wonderful way to capture this first milestone.

    I’ve linked up my new blog this week – eek! Elizabeth (aka dragonsflypoppy-White Feathers) xx

  2. Wicked World of Lucas

    What a fab little story to mark your son’s 1st birthday (Happy Birthday by the way little man xx). I loved reading this and a fab twist to the story. We all think our son’s are little princes – loved this so much. #prose4t


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