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It wasn’t the week I had planned. I spent last Tuesday reading and commenting on all the wonderful #WhatImWriting posts and, having read all the inspiring comments on my own post, began Wednesday highly motivated to KICK-START MY WRITING YEAR!

On your marks, get set, WRITE

Then fate intervened and I instead spent all Wednesday afternoon holding my poor little vomiting youngest in my arms, kissing his fevered brow soothingly (what kind of fool kisses a vomiting baby’s brow? I mean, that was just asking for trouble… ). I then spent Thursday on a series of conference calls (rather than being able to attend in person due to nursery’s 48 hour vomit-exclusion rule) and playing catch up on all the things I’d failed to do the previous day).

But that was ok, these things happen, never mind, FRIDAY would be the day when I could KICK-START MY WRITING YEAR!

Oh, except my fond brow-kissing came back to haunt me when, you’ve guessed it, I started being sick too. Saturday I was mainly feeling flaky and sorry for myself and Sunday I was spending time with my kids which brings me to today. Monday night. Hmmm.

Still, it wasn’t a total washout as despite having failed to KICK-START etc. in the full-on, dedicated manner I had in mind, I did squeeze in a tiny bit of writing. And I found myself working on my picture books. All three of them simultaneously: re-writing book one, re-reading and tweaking (and self-doubitfying – that’s a word, right?) book two and still bashing out the first draft of book three. And the fact that I instinctively chose to spend my little bits of free time on those books told me something…

Last week I was wondering what on earth to focus on when there was so much I wanted to write. Now I know that – for the time being – I want to focus on my picture books. I’ve decided that my plan for between now and the end of February is to get all three to a stage where I am happy to submit them. I’m also going to work out precisely which agents I want to submit to and what those submissions will entail (Agent Hunter here I come) and then I’ll send them out. After that, it will be a case of waiting for the rejections responses to come back which is the ideal time to turn my focus elsewhere – to one or several of the other projects I’m keen to tackle.

So, I HAVE A PLAN! Not such a bad week after all, then.

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27 thoughts on “fevered focus – #WhatImWriting

  1. Nicola Young

    Yuk, what a rubbish start to the year. Hope you are all on the mend. Still, there is nothing like an illness to get you to sit down and take it easy is there? And that looks like a good thing for you because it’s made you focus in on what you wanted to do with your writing. Great stuff!

  2. Mummy Tries

    I can really empathise hon, felt like my whole December was stolen from me by someone being ill, and after the crazy high of publishing managed to do very little on the promo front! Virtual hugs coming your way and lets hope the lurgies do one all round now!!!

    So pleased to hear that you have a focus and have squeezed in some work on your picture books. Can’t wait to hear more xxx

  3. Sophie Lovett

    Sounds like you did indeed manage to have a very successful week despite all the vomiting! I hope everyone’s recovered now. I feel like I’ve only just got back to normal after the exhaustion of having a sick toddler for a week over New Year – it really does take it out of you, even if you don’t get sick yourself! I think it’s brilliant that you have three picture books to focus on, and it will no doubt be really useful to be working on them in parallel. Now that the decision’s been made I hope you manage to squeeze in more actual writing this week! x

  4. Emily Organ

    Life never goes to plan does it? I was looking forward to a week of getting back into things and I have a child ill off school at the moment. But obviously all your intentions are there and you’re managing to get some things done. Well done on coming up with your plan, I hope it runs more smoothly from now on!

  5. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Well, it might not have been the week you planned, but it does sound like it’s been worthwhile (despite the illness, hope you’re all feeling better). It’s great when you feel focused, isn’t it, I need a bit of that! Definitely sounds like you have a plan, look forward to hearing more about it :)

  6. Iona@redpeffer

    Always good to have a plan, even if it was initiated by a sickness bug! Glad you’re all feeling better now x

  7. Chrissie

    Oh, why, oh why did you kiss that little fevered brow?
    Glad you’re all feeling better now and you have a PLAN! (And a good one at that!)

    Thank you for hosting this week as well, despite having a bad weekend. x

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks Chrissie and no problem with the hosting. His little fevered brow was just so cute! Not falling for that again though! xx

  8. Dana

    I can relate to this post so much! I feel like the times when I make big proclamations about writing is when life intervenes and kicks my butt. As for brow-kissing, I’m right there with you! My son has a bad cold and I’m next, I fear. It’s hard to resist loving on them, especially when they’re feeling so low.

    Sounds like despite all the madness, you figured out your focus, hurrah! Picture books it is, and working on three at once is rather spectacular. Keep going! I can’t wait to hear what comes next.

  9. Morgan Prince

    Life likes to throw a spanner in the works just when we’re motivated with a new plan. It’s just what happens. But it sounds like you have a plan after all and it happened naturally. Good for you!

    Hope you’re feeling better. xx

  10. Bek Dillydrops

    I hope you are feeling better now. It’s horrible to feel so motivated and then to be struck down by illness. Frustrating. At least you have a plan. Good luck with it. #ThePrompt


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