egg-cellent easter

It was Easter Sunday yesterday and we had a very egg-citing day (sorry, couldn’t resist).

easter collage

Although my five-year-old had concerns that the Easter Bunny would be eaten by my parents’ new puppy, thankfully no such catastrophe occurred and all chocolate eggs were safely delivered! We then had an Easter-egg hunt, decorated eggs (do you recognise the fictional character that my seven-year-old made his into – above?) and had a lovely family lunch. The boys also had great fun smashing the big chocolate egg (pictured above, both before and during the smashing) which we all enjoyed stuffing our faces with afterwards. The sun even came out and allowed us to sit outside WITHOUT COATS ON!

My two year old loved it all and spent a lot of time saying things like, “Locklit! (chocolate) My locklit! I want it, a locklit!” Yes, I’m afraid his usual good manners were entirely lost in the face of such temptation but who can blame him really? I’m afraid we all may have overindulged a bit. Today I’m in recovery – I will be eating nothing but carrots ;)

I hope you all had a very Happy Easter too!

P.S We’re taking Easter off from #WhatImWriting so there will be no link-up tomorrow – I’ve barely written a thing in the Easter holidays anyway, so have nothing to report!

Little Hearts, Big Love

22 thoughts on “egg-cellent easter

  1. Merlinda Little ( @pixiedusk)

    I know right? The weather is just amazing lately and my son too went out without a coat!

    Happy easter! #magicmoments

  2. Louise

    Love the Harry Potter egg and sounds like you had a lovely Easter – glad the Easter bunny managed to evade the puppy and hope you all enjoyed eating the “locklit” – such an adorable toddlerism for chocolate. Thank you for sharing with #ftmob :-)

  3. Dana

    Looks egg-cellent indeed Maddy! My son loved all the chocolate too, a little too much… I took it away from him finally because he wanted to eat an entire chocolate bunny the size of his head :)

  4. Jenny @ Unremarkable Files

    Your 7-year-old sounds a lot like my oldest 2 kids. They can steer any conversation right back to Harry Potter, no matter what the original subject. Even the 3-year-old knows all the spells and what they do just from listening to them.


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