dead salmon, iced buns, great films and a car crash

I’m not sure I’ve got much writing news to report for this week’s ‘What I’m Writing’ post so I’ll do a ‘catch up on general life’ post instead. Here are the highlights (or most newsworthy moments… ) of my week:

  • I’ve officially started my illustration course now, and was very happy to find that the first section is all about practicing drawing objects and building up skills which is basically what I’ve been doing for the past month with #ShapeChallenge anyway! I’m still drawing a picture for that every day (which takes up a surprising amount of time – about an hour I think to draw, scan, tweet and look at everyone else’s drawings) and have now started to work specific aspects of the course into my pictures too. I really love it.

geraldine the elephant

  • Paint has been on my mind a lot this week – I’ve been obsessing about colours as I want to redecorate our hall. I keep flinging out suggestions like ‘orange’, ‘bright blue’ or ‘lime green’ while my husband says “Why not just paint it ‘wall coloured’?” (i.e beige). Luckily he’s happy to let me make the decision, but I still can’t make up my mind. We have spent a lot of time laughing at Farrow & Ball paint colour names – ‘Dead Salmon’ (sounds smelly), ‘Churlish Green’ (presumably sneers insults at you as you pass) and Mole’s Breath (an earthy, whiskery shade perhaps, with a hint of pink paw?). Never underestimate the amount of time you can spend gazing at a wall and painting lining paper with different sample colours. And texting and tweeting your friends with pictures of paint samples. And saying “Blue or green… or pink? WHAT DO YOU THINK?!” to anyone who enters your home. Sigh. No wonder I’ve not got more done.
  • Half term started with a teacher training day last Friday so I’ve been spending a lot of time with the kids. Their new favourite thing is baking. At 8.30 in the morning last Friday they announced “Let’s have a bake off!” and set about baking buns and chocolate biscuits – I wasn’t even allowed to help!

    boys baking

    Yes, I let them loose with the electric whisk!

  • I saw Deadpool at the cinema on Friday – go and see it, it’s fantastic! An unconventional superhero film. Very funny indeed. I went with a friend who booked us huge sofa-type ‘free nacho and chocolate’ seats, so that was awesome too!
  • I also went to see ‘Room’ (I know, two cinema trips in one week!) which was also very good. Put me through the emotional wringer though. Take tissues – I had tears pouring down my cheeks and into my popcorn.
  • I crashed our car into a wall on Saturday – erk. We’re all fine (as you might have guessed by how far down it comes in the list) but it was very scary. Basically, icy conditions on the hill we live on meant the brakes had no effect at all and we hurtled towards a hairpin bend! I managed to get mostly round the bend but only by scraping a large chunk off the bottom of our car on a tumbled-down wall. My eight year old said “Argh! We flew through the air!”, my six year old, “I know a new swear word now, Mummy!” (I thought I was very restrained – I only said ‘shit’!) while my youngest (nearly three) was very pragmatic and announced: “Let’s tell Daddy we had a car crash!”

It’s been a pretty busy week now I come to think of it which explains why I haven’t got much writing done. Still, this blog post is writing isn’t it? Of a sort. More soon. :)

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7 thoughts on “dead salmon, iced buns, great films and a car crash

  1. Alice @ The Filling Glass

    Eek – car crash! But what the boys said made me snigger! I hope its not too expensive to tidy it up after its scrape. We managed the cinema this weekend too, although The Good Dinosaur with girls. I’m in two minds about Room (because of the emotional burden and also I thought the book was ok, but not literary gold), so I’ll probably end up watching it on tv in a few years time! I’m loving all of the #shapechallenge drawing that you are doing, we did try it last week (as you know!) but haven’t found time since, we will do it again though! I empathise with choosing paint colours – we just stick with white on our walls when we decorate, I can’t bear to spend forever deciding! Hope you manage to make a choice soon. xxx
    Alice @ The Filling Glass recently posted…The pathMy Profile

  2. Sophie Lovett

    Sounds like a fab week! (Car crash aside…) I can totally sympathise with your paint dilemmas – when we did our house up I got completely obsessed. We have ended up with some slightly peculiar colour combos, but I love them :) xx
    Sophie Lovett recently posted…Peaks and troughsMy Profile

  3. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Glad to hear that no-one was hurt in the car crash and hope that the damage to the car isn’t too bad. I love the sound of your illustrating course and the #ShapeChallenge sounds like so much fun. Those paint names made me chuckle – it’s so hard to choose just the right colour sometimes.
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…73 QuestionsMy Profile


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