conversations with my toddler #3

My toddler is twenty-six months now (how did he get so old?!) and his language is getting better all the time. He speaks in sentences and even strangers are starting to be able to understand him although I mostly still have to act as translator.

minions talking

Mind you, there are times when even I struggle to work out what he’s talking about… like in this conversation we had at the lunch table the other day:

Toddler: *putting down sandwich to speak (so this must be important)* “Mummy?”

Me: “Yes sweetie?”

Toddler: *brightly* “Woo da dotta ow?”

Me: “Er… sorry poppet, what was that?”

Toddler: *slightly more forcefully* “Where da potter foul?”

Me: *Still baffled* “Where’s the…? Sorry, can you say that again?”

Toddler: *leaning forwards and looking at me earnestly* “Where da dotter howl?”

Me: “Um… sorry, I still don’t understand what you’re asking for…”

Toddler: *loudly and forcefully* “Where. The. Potted. Owl?!”

Me: “Oh! The potted owl!” *looks around wildly*

(we don’t have a potted owl)

(what even IS a potted owl?)

(I offered him a biscuit.)

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8 thoughts on “conversations with my toddler #3

  1. Mummy Tries

    Oh bless him, I can only imagine the frustration he felt trying to tell you about the potted owl. Such a gorgeous age but it can be a tough one too xx

  2. Gráinne Reid

    Awe so cute!!! I hope the biscuit did the trick, it sure must be frustrating at that age! My youngest is 11 months so I’ve it all ahead of me again lol

  3. Louise

    Lol, it is so frustrating when you can’t quite understand what it is they’re saying. I wonder what he meant by the potted owl – glad the biscuit eased the frustration though! Thanks for sharing with #ftmob :-)

  4. Jeremy@thirstydaddy

    my daughter used to get so mad when I couldn’t understand her. It can actually be kind of sad sometimes

  5. martyn

    Aw bless him. It must be so frustrating for him. But even more for the fact that you still didn’t know what he wanted lol. Bet the biscuit solved everything though! #ftmob


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