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birthday party

When I saw that the theme over at The Gallery at Sticky Fingers this week is “A Younger Me” I thought I would join in with this photo. It was taken at my birthday party about thirty years ago. I’m the one on the left with the bang-on-trend Peter Pan collar!

As you might expect, many things have changed since this photo was taken. These days my skin isn’t nearly so perfect, nor my hair so glossy. But what strikes me more, is how many things have stayed the same: I still like eating cheese on cocktail sticks, still have the doll (languishing in a cupboard somewhere) that you can see just behind me in the photo, and my parents still own and use some of those mugs and that set of scales.

Most importantly though, those two little girls sitting to my right are still my best friends to this day. They’ve been my school friends, my bridesmaids and my confidants through many a crisis. Over thirty years of friendship and counting. This photo really makes me smile!

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12 thoughts on “childhood memories

  1. jollyjillys

    great picture and so nice you are still all friends. I not in contact with any of my childhood friends really but I have a best friend I have known for over 20 years so i know how nice it is.


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