celebrity look-alikes?

Waaaaay back in 2010/11 I had another blog. It was part of a babywares business I ran with my husband and when the business closed the blog went with it. We kept the blog posts on a computer somewhere though because we had mostly written about our kids and wanted to keep those memories.

boys at kirkley

My oldest two back in 2011. I think they’re looking at insects (not much has changed, then… )

This summer I decided I would dig that old blog out and share a few old posts. When I found this post it actually made me laugh out loud  – I’d totally forgotten all about these incidents! It’s from back in March 2011 when I my (then) youngest son was eighteen months old:

Like most babies, my toddler recognised the faces of those closest to him when he was very young. As is the norm, his eyes lit up when he saw Mummy and Daddy. Pretty early on he started saying ‘Dada’ to my husband, which soon became ‘Daddy’, and after that he learnt to say ‘Mummy’ when he saw me. So he knows who we are. He knows what we look like. Of that I am sure.

And yet…

Last Saturday I was flicking through a magazine while the boys entertained themselves happily around my ankles as they (sometimes) do. I paused for a moment on the celebrity pages, casting my eyes over the latest gossip. My 18mo wandered over to me and looked at the photos there. Suddenly his little face lit up, and with great joy and certainty he pointed and said “Daddy!”

Who had he seen, you might wonder? Bradley Cooper perhaps? Johnny Depp? Dermot O’Leary? Oh no. No one like that.

Jennifer Aniston.

I chuckled to myself as I said “That’s not Daddy it’s Jennifer Aniston” : a phrase I can’t say I ever expected to utter. Ha ha, the idea of my stubbly, bespectacled husband being a dead-ringer for Jen with her glossy mane of hair and perfect Hollywood skin. Oh and her gender, of course.

But that wasn’t the end of my son’s curious misconceptions. A few days later he was messing about with his dad when he suddenly spotted his Cliff Richard calendar*. I believe this month Cliff is depicted wearing a rather garish shirt and stroking a collection of fake parrots. But one look at this image and he pointed, and delightedly declared “Mummy!”

Great. I look like Cliff Richard. Caressing birds. I may need to rethink my beauty regime.

So, what do you think? Do we get his eyes checked? Or his brain?

*For the sake of my husband’s reputation I should probably point out that he only possesses such a calendar as a result of a long running joke with a friend, who has been sending him one every year for the past 15 years!

And now… that toddler is a couple of weeks away from his sixth birthday. When I got dressed up to go to a wedding the other day he told me I looked ‘beautiful’ (a heartmelt moment) so I assume he’s moved on from thinking I look like Sir Cliff. His younger brother recently had some strange ideas about my physical appearance though so perhaps I am odder-looking than I ever thought possible?

Oh, and my husband has now been receiving Cliff Richard Calendars for twenty years as part of that running gag. And in all that time Cliff appears not to have aged a day. Perhaps he’s not such a bad person to resemble after all.

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14 thoughts on “celebrity look-alikes?

  1. Emily Davies

    This made me laugh out loud! I also have a friend who gets a Cliff calendar every year. I wonder if he realises the majority of his calendar sales are long running joke gifts? Thanks for joining in #PoCoLo!

  2. Izzie Anderton

    Kids never cease to amaze do they? I’m happy to hear that your son thinks you’re beautiful. Make the most of this phase before they both turn into teenagers and start telling it like it is all over again x

    1. Maddy Post author

      I know, I need to make the most of them while they’re young and cute – though I’m secretly hoping they’ll be perfect teenagers!

  3. Nicola Young

    That’s so funny, Maddy. I’m sure you don’t look anything like sir Cliff, although he’s probably very glamorous on his calendar, so maybe there is flattery in there somewhere!

  4. @SarahAnneDG

    Oh, I love the things kids come out with. I’ll always remember the time my now-13 year old drew a picture of me at nursery in which I was wearing tiny red shorts “because mummy is going to work.” I still cringe at what they must have thought I did to afford the nursery fees…


  5. Silly Mummy

    I have to admit that until I got to the end, I did get a little distracted wondering about the fact that your husband had a Cliff Richard calendar! This is amazing. The worst my toddler has managed is calling random bearded men ‘daddy’, all pictures of any baby in anyone’s house are declared to be a picture of her baby sister, and both her uncles are ‘aunty’! #ftmob

  6. Louise

    Lol, this is brilliant. Definitely a little bit of confusion going on there, I think…! So glad that he now tells you you’re beautiful rather than thinking you resemble Cliff Richard. So funny though. Thanks for sharing with #ftmob :-)


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