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Our Happy Memories Jar

Our Happy Memories Jar 2014

I took a photo this morning of the jar that sits on our kitchen window sill. It’s an old-fashioned sweetie jar which we plan – as a family, over the course of 2014 – to fill with our happy memories. We keep a pile of pieces of coloured paper next to it which any of us can use, at any time, to record a happy memory, however small. That piece of paper is then dated, folded and popped in the jar. On New Year’s Eve we will take all the memories out and read them. I’m also planning on sticking them into a book so we can keep them forever.

I have to admit, this is not my own original idea, I’m honestly not sure sure where I first read about it although a quick google brings up lots of links to the idea from many different people, so tracking down its origins could be quite a task!

But I think it’s such a great idea that I wanted to share it! It’s the sort of thing that would be completely unique to every family.

My six-year-old has already added lots of memories, usually with little pictures too. Some describe days out, some are just tiny moments like cuddles. I haven’t seen everything he’s written as we thought we’d try and surprise each other too.

My four-year-old son is just learning to write, but has managed to write two memories, each of which have had just three words “mee and …” and then his brothers’ names. He has a big brother and a baby brother and I think it’s so touching that he has chosen to write about just being with them. Ok, maybe he can’t write much more (he’s only four-and-a-bit!) but it still seems lovely to me (doting mother that I am!)

I think it’s going to be great to see his writing improve as the year goes by. His older brother’s too. I’m not sure what the baby is going to add yet… perhaps he can drool on a piece of paper… or gnaw a bit to commemorate cutting his first tooth?!

I particularly love this jar because – as any parent knows – family life is not always easy, but seeing this jar with its ever-growing pile colourful paper is a reminder of the good stuff even after a sleepless night, when I’m knee-high in washing and surrounded by grumpy kids flicking Shreddies at each other.

Bringing up kids can be tough, but there are always magic moments to record!

I’m linking this up with Magic Moments over at Jaime Oliver’s blog.

12 thoughts on “catching memories


    That is such a special jar and how amazing is New Year’s Eve going to be when you look back over the year and are reminded of things big and small that meant so much!

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks Philippa. You could always just write things down for them. They could even tell you exactly what to write! Although it is nice when they can write it themselves!

  2. Kate Davis

    We’ve had a story jar for two years and I think they’re brilliant, although we have created different ‘rules’. We put all our previous stories back into the jar so in 20 years time I hope there is the option to pull out stories of the children when they were babies.

    We open our story jar during Christmas dinner. in 2012 we were very restrained and didn’t draw them all out, but last year we had so much fun we completely emptied the jar.

    Unfortunately, I’ve written most of the memories and I think everyone else expects me to fill the jar. It is an area I need to work on so there is more variety. I like the idea of encouraging my 5yo to start writing some papers.

  3. Maddy Post author

    I like the idea of keeping them for future years – it would make for very nostalgic Christmas days! Thanks for sharing your version Kate.

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