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My Brother

We’ve gazed from mountains
side by side,
built towering forts
near rising tides.
We’ve constructed dens,
dammed tumbling streams,
walked up fells
and climbed huge trees.

You’ve made me laugh
and driven me mad,
teased me, tickled me
made me sad,

competed with me,
urged me on
challenged me,
defeated me,
made me strong

held my hand
and walked beside me
hugged me tight
been there to guide me.

My loyal supporter
like no other
A companion for life,
my friend

My brother


This poem was inspired by The Prompt at Mum Turned Mom. This week it was a quote:

“The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out of his nose.”

Garrison Keillor

This quote instantly made me think of sibling bonds. I have three sons and two brothers and I wrote this poem with all of them in mind. Many of my favourite childhood memories revolve around my brothers and one of my favourite aspects of motherhood is watching the bond between my sons.

Sibling relationships can be complicated: it’s not all ‘sunshine and lollipops’ and I’ve broken up and been part of many a sibling battle in my time! But, no matter what, I know my sons love each other and wouldn’t be without each other which is just how I feel about my brothers. My poem was trying, in some small way, to pay tribute to all my lovely boys, big and small.


16 thoughts on “brothers

  1. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    How beautiful, your words have triggered some memories for me; which although generally hazy have sharpened on reading this poem. That is the power of words, isn’t it? I love this poem, I can feel the love and recognition of the importance of the relationships with our siblings. Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  2. Maddy Post author

    I love how powerful words can be – glad that the poem brought back memories for you and I hope they were good ones. Thanks for another great prompt!

  3. Louise

    Beautiful poem – sibling bonds can be very special (even if they so drive each other mad at times!) I have four brothers and am close to them all although have a very different relationship with each :-)

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks Louise. I think it’s lovely the way we can have different relationships with each of our siblings. Glad you are close to all your brothers.x

  4. Nicole

    This is beautiful. It made me feel so emotional thinking of my two sons. They are only 1 & 2 but I love watching their bond grow & this poem makes me excited for all the fun things to come xx


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