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At the end of last week I attended a confidence building workshop. It was fantastic and I came out of it fizzing with all sorts of inspiration. I wanted to share some of it here so I started writing a blog post… but it’s been such a busy few days – and now it’s half term – and I haven’t had a chance to finish it.



Sorry! I’ll do that for next week once the boys are back at school and I have time to think. In the meantime I’ll be mostly playing frisbee and admiring snails (the boys have ‘adopted’ some – they’re called Ginger and Sluggish).

In lieu of a proper #WhatImWriting post this week I’m going to link up my interview with author Di Castle that I posted last Friday. Di shares some fascinating insights into her writing and experiences of self-publishing. I hope you enjoy it!

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14 thoughts on “briefly – #WhatImWriting

    1. Maddy Post author

      Tee hee – Ginger has a ginger shell (according to the boys – couldn’t really see it myself) and poor sluggish isn’t much to look at! Thanks for commenting Iona. x

  1. Rachael

    Looking forward to hearing more about the workshop! And Sluggish is a great snail name (I always say they’re slugs with shells!). x


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