When my eldest son had just turned two I made a list of words and phrases he was using at the time. He was at such a gorgeous stage of language development and I didn’t want to forget any of those adorable utterances. The list was in a lovely notebook which I intended to continue using, adding to the list over time.

Did I do this? Nope. Can I find the lovely notebook? No such luck.


Since I’m massively prone to mislaying things in a huge heap of ‘important stuff I mustn’t lose’, I’ve decided that the best place to keep such notes these days is right here on this blog.

My eldest is now seven so his days of delightful language grappling are long gone. My youngest though is not quite two and has hit a lovely stage where every day he’s trying out more sentences. Here are some from this week:

“I eating beebees o bebuts.” = I’m eating (Rice) Crispies for breakfast. (Said with a huge grin as he LOVES Rice Crispies!)

“Mummy, why oo slippin?” = Mummy, why (are) you sleeping? (Standing by the bed in the morning, much keener to start the day than I was!)

“i dissy boon?” = Is this a spoon? (I was putting cutlery away and he was keen to point out what everything was).

He also asks “Where oo goin?” and “What oo doin?” a lot at the moment – he’s full of questions!

Finally, my favourite word of his at the moment is ewawas for pyjamas… on which note, it’s been a really long week and I’m shattered so I’m off to bed!

Little Hearts, Big Love

8 thoughts on “beebees

  1. Lisa (mummascribbles)

    Aww these are so cute! My little one is nearly two and a half and says some equally gorgeous stuff!! #ftmob

  2. Louise

    I love ‘ewawas’ for pyjamas and “Mummy, why oo slippin?” – so adorable (although perhaps the latter is less adorable at the crack of dawn!). Love the way little ones say things. Thank you for sharing them with #ftmob :-)

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks for the linkie Louise – nice to have somewhere to share. It’s encouraging me to get these things written down as I know I’d forget most of them otherwise. x

  3. Reneé

    Such a sweet post Maddy. I recorded loads of stuff in the girls baby journals but the poor baby’s book is rather blank… Thank goodness for blogging and I love this linky too xxx

    1. Maddy Post author

      I’m impressed you recorded so much for your first two Reneé – I think I stopped filling in the books after about week one of baby number one… although I did email my NCT gang prolifically so there are masses of records contained in those at least!


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