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leaves-IMG.jpgAugust seems to be racing past and before we career head-long into September I feel I should set myself a creative challenge for the month.

You see, I’ve barely done any writing over the past few weeks: a couple of poems, a few blog posts, and a piece of flash fiction and that’s basically it. I had a stab at writing a bit more of my book last week but ended up doing some editing and taking out more words than I added. *Sigh*.

Obviously it’s been the school summer holidays so I didn’t expect to get much done but even so, I can feel my writing resolve begin to slide and it’s not good. I’m supposed to have finished the first draft of my book by the end of October and that’s not going to happen at this rate!

So, by the end of August I want:

  • My book to have reached 50,000 words. I’m not far off so that’s not too big an ask for the next ten days or so.
  • To have written another poem or piece of flash fiction and either posted it here or submitted it to a competition (maybe one of the ones over at Paper Swans).
  • To have written a limerick – the boys keep asking me to write one about a jaguar but I’ve been too uninspired and distracted to get it done.

Given we’re off to Legoland for a few days before the end of the month I probably shouldn’t set myself any more targets than that (especially as I have another project I’m currently working on… to be revealed soon!)

Better go!

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