Last week I was wondering about whether holding back, trying to find a middle ground and not wanting to be controversial was making my blog bland. The post seemed to strike a chord with people and I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who commented and for all the support – it was interesting to hear all your thoughts on the matter and very affirming too. I now feel stronger in my certainty about only sharing what I’m comfortable with and, funnily enough, I also feel that maybe I will be able to share more in future without scaring myself silly.


Mostly though, your comments reminded me of the most important aspect of blogging to me –the connection to a community. I may not be blazing an exciting trail to blog fame, fortune and immortality but I have made some lovely friends and that means so much to me, SO much.

When I started Writing Bubble the blogosphere was pretty much unknown to me – the world of writing too. It felt like walking into a party and not knowing anyone and having to hang out by the snacks nervously sipping slightly-suspect punch.  But then I got chatting to one or two people and wandered out into the room a bit. I met more people –  lovely, like-minded people. Then someone handed me some decent wine and I chatted some more. Had a laugh. When the lights went down I even had a bit of a dance. Now I’m happy at the party and feel like whatever goes on (and unfortunately it’s not always lovely at this particular event) I have my friends. They rock. You rock.

Which brings me to now. And it’s all very exciting because this weekend the party gets real (kind of) – we’re having a #WhatImWriting meet up! It’s been months in the planning and I’m so looking forward to meeting some of the lovely people who I’ve got to know in blog-land over the past year or so. So often I’ve read posts and commented “I wish we could sit down and have a big chat over coffee!” and now, finally, we are!

I’m a little nervous too of course. This is a whole new thing. Apart from a long ago meeting with Rosie Scribble (back in my previous life when I had a whole other blog) and meeting Sadie Hanson at the Writer’s Festival last month, I’ve never met online friends. I’ve certainly never met a group of them at the same time. And it’s not just popping along for a chat over coffee either, it’s a weekend away from home and a trip to London which, for someone who lives on a Northumbrian hillside and is mostly surrounded by a herd of small boys, is quite a big deal.

But I know it will be fab. I get to talk writing with other writers: what could be better than that? Oh, I know – talking writing (and much more besides) with writers who I’ve come to think of as friends. Friends whose lovely words have inspired and motivated me over the last few years.

I can’t wait!

Muddled Manuscript

11 thoughts on “anticipation

  1. Nicola Young

    I love your party analogy and I totally agree, blogging can be a great way to connect. I had no idea when I started, just wrote my stuff and published it, then that was it. It’s going to be lovely to meet you in real life. I’m so looking forward to Saturday.

  2. Emily Organ

    I can’t wait either! I once met the lovely Rosie Scribble at a blogging conference and that was in my previous blogging life too when I used to do a few events. But I do no events these days which makes Saturday all the more exciting, can’t wait to meet you in person x

  3. Sophie Lovett

    Ah I’m really looking forward to it too! Very glad I’m actually going to make it, and can’t wait to meet you and talk writing in the real world instead of just in comment boxes :) xx

  4. Louise

    The blogging community is wonderful isn’t it? It’s one of my favourite things about blogging. Glad that you are having a meet-up and hope you all have a fabulous time :-)

  5. Susie Fiddes

    I’m just catching up on last week’s posts now! I totally agree and love the online support I get from my blogging friends on a plethora of issues. It takes a special place for writers to keep coming back though and so that is in no small part to the hand of friendship you extend here with your linky! Just read the post script – delighted the day went well x


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