and now?

138-3878_IMGI blogged yesterday about how it felt to achieve my target of 20,000 words in May (pretty great!). But what next?

Last month’s challenge involved not taking part in any linkies in order to prioritise writing over blogging. This definitely worked – I spent less time blogging and a whole heap more time writing. That said, I still blogged a fair bit – I’ve just checked and I published nine posts during May – roughly two posts a week! I also continued reading and commenting on other blogs (although only those I already follow) so I definitely didn’t completely withdraw from the blogging world.

Why? Surely I could have written even more of my book if I’d just avoided the blogosphere completely?

Well, the thing is, blogging is addictive. I found posting about where I was with my writing challenge quite helpful. It kept me focussed. The blogging community can also be very supportive and having nestled myself into a little community of bloggers/writers I didn’t want to feel completely out on my own for a month. And my little community really came through for me; when I had moments/days of doubt during the month, the support I got in comments and tweets helped keep me going. If you were one of those people then thank you!

So, in considering what challenge to set myself for June (because yes, I’m going to set myself another challenge because I found it such a good motivator) I don’t think I want to limit my blogging. The fact is, I missed the linkies and am really keen to join with #Prose4T again! In fact, I’ve even got my eye on a few new linkies I’d like to have a go at. But with blogging properly back on the agenda I will have less time for creative writing. So I’ll set myself a smaller target. How about 10,000 words?

Oh, and also, last month I managed to squeeze in an entry to a flash fiction competition. I didn’t win, but not winning is very good experience for a writer: we’ve got to get used to rejection! So I’d like to try entering another competition.

Ok, so, June’s challenge: 10,000 words of my novel, a competition entry, and blogging as much as I like and joining in some linkies again.


6 thoughts on “and now?

  1. Chrissie Metcalf (Kristina)

    Well done, Maddy! It’ll be great to see you doing prose4t again. Incidentally, are you going to tell us which story was yours?

        1. Maddy Post author

          Thanks! It was a bit scary putting my writing forward to a public vote (especially with the self-doubt demon whispering in my ear) but I guess you’ve got to try these things even if you don’t win! xx

  2. Mummy Tries

    Great challenge for June Maddy, you’ll get the perfect mix of writing time and blogging time :-) well done on writing for your first competition too, fab piece of writing xx

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks! It’s always a bit nerve-wracking to actually submit work but I’m glad you liked it! Am hoping that I get a good balance of writing and blogging this month… we shall see!


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