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I’m Maddy, a writer, mother, crisp-lover and sleep-enthusiast living in Northumberland. Writing bubble is my blog about the little bit of time I’ve found to pursue my ambition to become a published author.

I’ve always loved writing and have dabbled in it at various points during my life but until a few years ago, I’d somehow let other things get in the way of my real desire to write creatively. Then, while on maternity leave with my third baby, I decided to seize the moment to dip my toe properly into the world of writing. I set up this blog to chart my progress – it’s harder to chicken out of goals if you post them on the internet, I find!


How’s it going? Well, over the past few years amidst child-wrangling, work and the general muddle of life, I’ve hammered out 70,000 words towards two novels, written a number of picture book manuscripts and had a selection of limericks published by Iron Press. I’ve also written a lot of short stories, pieces of flash fiction and numerous poems, many of which you will find on this blog.

Over time, writing bubble has become more than just a place to record my experiences, it’s also been a wonderful way to connect with other writers. In September 2014 I set up a linky  – ‘What I’m Writing’ – which has flourished into a supportive little writing community. I have also been the Co-editor of the BritMums Poetry and Prose round-up since December 2014 and have enjoyed reading and sharing all the fantastic creative pieces that my fellow bloggers produce. I also attended the Festival of Writing last September and my first blogging conference in November. What started off as a rather lonely journey into writing has become anything but!

And speaking of journeys, mine recently rounded a new and exciting corner when I began studying illustration at the start of this year. I’m just taking the first faltering footsteps along that path, but have been posting my work on Twitter and Instagram and taking part in various drawing challenges which has been fun. I’ve also made a couple of stabs at illustrating my own limericks:mug of yorkshire tea

And as for those kids I mentioned before (yep, that’s them in the illustration!) – they feature on this blog too, and the highs and lows of parenting often inspire my writing. My two older boys (aged nine and seven) even set me fun writing challenges and illustrate them. :)

So that’s my writing bubble. Join me here for a random assortment of ponderings, poetry, prose, pictures and peeks into the chaos of the bubble household!

Thanks for reading.


Contact details:

If you’d like to get in touch you can find me on TwitterFacebook and Instagram or email me at maddy@writingbubble.co.uk

Or you could just leave me a comment – I love them!
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10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Catherine Green

    Hi Maddy, nice to meet my Camp NaNo cabin mate over here! I am also working round children at the moment, but both of mine are pre-schoolers. The youngest will be one next week, which probably explains why I’m struggling to keep up the writing challenge. Anyway, see you around!

    1. Maddy Post author

      Hi Catherine, thanks for popping over. Yes, writing with small kids around is a challenge! My youngest is only 17 months but my older two are usually at school which makes things easier. Finding time for CampNaNo when summer holidays started was tricky. Hope you make your target!

    1. Maddy Post author

      Hi Jude, nice to meet you and thanks for your interest. I’ve had a look at the site and it looks interesting! I’ll keep it in mind for when I finally get my manuscript finished and edited!

  2. Siobhan @ Everyone Else is Normal

    James Thurber is so right – I love this quote. It sums up exactly the same reason I started a blog and what motivates me to click publish when its often not perfect (esp when writing poetry which i’ve only recently started for fun, inspired by other fellow bloggers like Vic Welton and the Paper Swans ladies. I’m not planning on writing a novel, but creative non-fiction is something which has flourished for me since blogging. PS Love what I’ve read of yours so far!

    1. Maddy Post author

      Thanks Siobhan! Blogging is certainly a good creative outlet and the James Thurber quote is brilliant isn’t it?! Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


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