a winter’s tale

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our twenty-first anniversary. We’re still only in our thirties so those of you with a mathematical bent will have already realised that means we got together in our teens!

lovebirds 1996

The two of us back in 1996

That day was a pretty magical one in my memory. It was the last day of Christmas term (yes, we were still at school – that’s how young we were!) and we were supposed to be going into town after school with a mutual friend of ours. At the last minute this friend suddenly couldn’t come (I’ve always wondered if it was a deliberate act on her part, to finally get us to admit our feelings for each other), so the two of us were unexpectedly on our own.

We walked into town side by side, shared a coke in a (rather crappy) cafe and wandered around amidst the pretty lights and festive sparkles, laughing and chatting about nothing in particular while each trying to pluck up the courage to say something more meaningful. The hours slipped by far too fast, and we soon had to walk back to school so he could catch the last bus home. It was dark by then and bitingly cold. The thrill of anticipation in the air between us outshone even the twinkling lights in the trees that lined our path. Finally, as we drew close to the school gates, my husband-to-be took the plunge – he told me I was beautiful and that he loved me. We kissed under the street lamps, and that was that. Our history was made.

Ten years later we got married and another eleven further down the track we have three gorgeous boys, a home and a lovely life together. It hasn’t all been plain sailing – we’ve certainly had our share of arguments over the years and we’ve had to put a lot of work into keeping our relationship healthy and strong. But it’s been totally worth it.

Yesterday I dug out some old photos of us. The one above is from a holiday in France that we went on with friends in 1996. I showed it to my sons last night and my eight-year-old said, incredulously, “Is that… Daddy?!!!! He was so good looking! No wonder you carried on kissing him, Mummy, he was one cool dude!

My husband put the photo on Facebook and one of his friends commented, “Is that the summer you destroyed the Horcruxes?” – a reference which implied he looked liked Harry Potter. This thrilled my son even more! Of course the photo was taken before Harry Potter was even published so he got there with the round glasses and the floppy fringe before Harry did. Just sayin’.

So there you have it; a love story that began one wintry day over two decades ago. A lot has changed since then; those young people have grown up and are now rather more weighed down by life’s responsibilities. We’ve both lost something of our youthful sparkle. But somewhere – and always – underneath it all, we’re still those teenagers in love.

Little Hearts, Big Love

14 thoughts on “a winter’s tale

  1. Nicola Young

    Aw I love that story, it’s so cute. Sounds like there’s a novel in there somewhere too! Yesterday was my anniversary too – wedding day though. We met when I was 21 – and out for my birthday – and drunk, so not nearly as romantic. That makes 20 years together for us, which seems pretty unbelievable how fast those years have gone by. Hope you had a great time celebrating and sharing memories.
    Nicola Young recently posted…On writing, reflecting and taking stockMy Profile

  2. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Aww what a lovely story and happy 21st anniversary to you both. I love the comment about the Horcruxes – yes your hubby does look a little like Harry Potter in the photo and your son’s comment about “no wonder you carried on kissing him” made me laugh. I love your final line too about still being those teenagers in love. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing with #ftmob :-)
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…My ten favourite blogs of 2015My Profile

  3. Jenny @ Unremarkable Files

    I love this story! I met Phillip when I was 15 and he was 16, and I feel the same way you do! We’ve been married 12 years now and have 5 (soon to be 6) kids. I love the way life turned out, and I also really love your husband’s Harry Potter look (maybe you should sue J.K. Rowling for libel and perhaps get a cut?)
    Jenny @ Unremarkable Files recently posted…15 Funniest Parenting Memes of 2015My Profile


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