a slice of christmas cliché

Ah, Christmas. I’m a big fan, I have to admit. There’s something about this time of year that warms the heart, melts the soul and toasts the toes.

Having said that, I’m finding it a little harder to get into the true festive spirit this year. There’s too much going on. But Christmas is the time for love and peace and harmony and various other cheesy cliché’s (that I believe in, don’t get me wrong). It’s a time to reflect on what we have and remember how fortunate we are. And sometimes, the cliché’s themselves are part of what makes Christmas so wonderfully comforting. In the spirit of that, I wrote this poem.

Christmas Cliché

Christmas cliché
wrap yourself around me
entice me with your falling snow
surround me with songs
and smiling children
toast me by your fireside’s glow

Christmas cliché
I want you to enfold me
in spicy smells and twinking lights
to feed me wine
and roasted chestnuts
to show me frosted, festive sights

Christmas cliché
I need you to protect me
from nasty illness, sleepless nights
icy winds
and faulty boilers
screaming kids and sibling fights

Christmas cliché
I want you to remind me
of peace and love; things true and right
of despite the fact
that things aren’t perfect
I’m very fortunate in life.

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I’m linking this with #Prose4T over at Verily Victoria Vocalises. It’s a great blog hop which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed joining in with these past few months!

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14 thoughts on “a slice of christmas cliché

    1. Maddy Post author

      Am replying to this after christmas and feel slightly bereft without all those lovely cliches all around me! Thanks for commenting Stephanie.


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