a new dawn

I’m not a big fan of this time of year, I must confess. It’s always a bit too cold and dark, and I find the contrast with the festive season a bit of shock. This year I really feel like I’m stuck on ‘go slow’. Where is the motivation that powered me through December?

But it’s not all bad: the cold has been an excellent excuse to curl up in front of the fire, I’ve spent some christmas money on some great new cushions for the sofa (hardly ‘headline news’ but I’m into my creature comforts so this makes me very happy!) and best of all have been the sunrises.

Not being a ‘morning person’ I never see sunrise in summer: the comfort of my bed in the early hours always wins hands-down over the beauty of anything that goes on outside the window. But with winter sunrises not occurring until breakfast time, it’s a different matter. Our kitchen has two big windows so we open the blinds and watch each new day arriving as we scoff our cornflakes. Dawn on a Northumbrian hillside can be truly stunning, and makes up for the damp day that we usually have to throw ourselves out into an hour later.

I wrote this poem this morning as we watched the world awaken. It was a damp, mulchy sort of morning, so the sunrise wasn’t as showy as some we’ve had recently, but it had its own particular charm.




Dawn uncurls her fingers

tickling the sky until

misty darkness flares pink


Light twists through trees

creeps up over hills and

tumbles down into valleys.


A sodden day breaks.


I’m linking up with Prose for Thought over at Verily Victoria Vocalises.

Prose for Thought

14 thoughts on “a new dawn

  1. Dragonsflypoppy-White feathers

    What exquisite words – I love tickling the sky – made me feel all shivery. Love it love it x


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